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Do-it-Yourself Trust Creation

TrustWare™ empowers you with the ability to create brilliantly designed trusts, without the hassle and headache (and cost) of working with an attorney

Thousands of Investment Options

Invest in mutual funds, ETFs and money market funds, or choose a professional hypothetical model portfolio

Set It and Forget It

Trust administrators and trustees will manage everything required to prudently maintain the trust, affording you additional peace of mind

Monthly Trustee Fee Calculator

To change the trust value, adjust the slider, use the keyboard arrow keys, or type a custom amount below.


Basic No Annual Trustee Fees.


Deluxe Tiered Annual Trustee Fees
First $250,000 — .0050 (0.50%)
Next $750,000 — .0040 (0.40%)
Next $1 Million — .0030 (0.30%)
Next $3 Million — .0020 (0.20%)
Over $5 Million — .0015 (0.15%)

Premier Tiered Annual Trustee Fees
First $250,000 — .0065 (0.65%)
Next $750,000 — .0045 (0.45%)
Next $1 Million — .0035 (0.35%)
Next $3 Million — .0025 (0.25%)
Over $5 Million — .0020 (0.20%)

Average trust value is based on the ending daily trust balance over an unbilled period of time. Data represents current KissTrust trustee fees. All figures are an estimate, and should be used for estimative purposes only.

Getting Started
Has Never Been Easier.

You’re busy. So we’ve made starting as simple as 1-2-3. In minutes, you can create a trust that’ll last a lifetime.


You Create

Starting is free, easy, and takes just minutes. Simply login to your account, click “Create New” to start a new trust using TrustWare, design the terms of your trust, review your selections, and submit the Trust.


We Establish

We will review the trust, obtain an IRS issued trust tax-ID, and accept the Trust as the trustee and trust administrator. After, "the Grantor" will be ready to eSign and finalize the Trust.


We Administer

Once we have a Grantor signature and the Trust has been funded, it will be considered active. EPTC administers every active Trust, which includes handling distributions, trades, taxes, and more so you can relax and enjoy the things that matter most to you.


You give them trust.

We give you peace of mind.

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