"The innovation of the KissTrust is that it inexpensive and quick to set up online. You can choose from thousands of investment options, including index mutual funds and annuities that invest in index funds. Eastern Point acts as the trustee. The fund doesn't count as a resource when the child applies for educational aid. You can set up distribution rules that are as simple or complex as you want."

"Protected from third party creditors, bankruptcy, divorce and unauthorized withdrawal, as well as specifications about when and why the funds can be accessed."

“All of the advantages of a traditional trust, it's inexpensive to setup, and you can start the trust with as much money as it would take to buy a tank of gas.”

“Trust funds: They’re not just for the 1 percent anymore.”

How To Set up a Trust Fund Even If You’re Not Rich

“For those who don’t have a high net-worth but wish to leave money to children or grandchildren and control how that money is used, these trusts offer a low-cost way for the trustor to protect their assets long after they pass on.”

KissTrust for Kids

“The problem with setting up a trust is that it takes attorneys a lot of time to prepare the documents and that’s time that is billed to you. This is a large reason why a trust for most people has been out of reach. The KissTrust solves this problem.”

The KissTrust: An innovative retirement solutions

“A KissTrust can provide a supplement to Social Security and private pensions.”

Savings Plans That Can Make Good Christmas Gifts for Kids

“KissTrust offers a simple, reliable way to save for a child’s future. while both CESA’s Coverdell and a 529 College Savings Plan teach infants to save within their means, they are fairly restrictive. A KissTrust will remain in the donor’s name which enables you as a parent to assume control and offer guidance where necessary."

“KissTrust, the leader in online children’s savings trusts, has combined a simple to use online children’s savings trust creation platform with ongoing professional trust administration to give parents and grandparents a new college savings plan option.”

“The patented technology of KissTrust’s online documents and trust administration provides a one-of-a-kind solution.”

Cancun Account

“KissTrust provides grantors with a measure of control that is not offered by uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) accounts and Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) accounts.”

In a Trust You Can Trust

“A KissTrust is a low-cost savings plan for kids that can only be used for the intended purpose or distributed at the age you specify. This trust can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including educational or home purchases. This is a favorite amongst those with a little money to share because the cost to establish is relatively low.”

“A KissTrust is a killer for [getting] aid”

“The patented platform is a powerful, affordable way for parents, grandparents, families and friends to create, control and manage a savings trust... [Families] find peace of mind because they have the ability to implement a variety of design clauses in the trust to; control the use of the money, and protect the money against any possible misuse.”

But I'm Not Rich

“Traditional trust funds have long been used by high net-worth families, but even those with very little money can easily set up an irrevocable trust. The KissTrust is a product with lower net worth individuals in mind. It has all of the advantages of a traditional trust, it’s inexpensive to set up, and you can start the trust with as much money as it would take to buy a tank of gas. You can make a lump sum deposit or deposit regular amounts.”

"KissTrust unveils innovative fix to expensive trust services."